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City of Derry Crystal

City of Derry Crystal was established in 1991 by a master cutter and engraver who previously worked for Waterford Crystal.  I am Michael Bond and I bought City of Derry Crystal in 1994 and my son, Kevin, joined me in the business in 2003.  Kevin, after he left college, went to work for Waterford Crystal, where he was trained in glass cutting.

City of Derry Crystal is situated in the beautiful Derry City Craft Village, which you can take a virtual tour of.  It's well worth a visit, particularly in the summer months, when there are informal music sessions in the square.  There are many other talented crafts people trading in The Village too.


City of Derry Crystal Shop is situated in The Craft Village, a centre for a number of crafts people

The Shop, situated in The Craft Village

My Previous Life

Prior to buying City of Derry Crystal, I ran a business which produced plastic stationery products by high frequency welding.  We made ring binders, cheque book covers and similar products.  A part of the business also engraved windows, in particular for Hotels and Public Houses - and that's how I got into the business of glass engraving.

Our Business 'Mantra'

We consider we are the best and most unique glass engravers in Ireland.  This statement is borne out of the services we offer, which, in conjunction with one-another, makes for unique products.  Combined with our stringent Quality Control Systems, we genuinely feel makes us 'the best'.

Services Offered

We are one of the few companies left in Ireland, who still hand cut crystal .  Offering a number of different and bespoke designs, you truly can have a completely unique product.


 Hand Cut glass and crystal is completed on the premises by Kevin Bond of City of Derry Crystal

The age-old skill of hand cutting glass and crystal.


Combine our cutting skills with either hand engraving or sandblast glass engraving - or both - and your chosen glass or crystal gift, award or trophy will stand head and shoulders above any other and will be admired by all.

Hand engraving glass is accomplished using a dentist drill and diamond encrusted burrs.  Wood and rubber burrs are also used, to polish out eyes, hooves, shoes and boots etc; - things which are normally shiny in real life. A Glass Scriber sandblasting machine is used for commercial glass engraving and all masks (stencils) are produced in-house.


 To hand cut crystal, the artisan looks through the glass, at the cutting wheel

A piece of crystal about to be hand cut.

City of Derry Crystal also offers the services of printing on glass.  Up to 4 colours are able to be printed.  So, any crest or logo with no more than four colour-ways can be supplied on many items of glass.  This is ideal for long runs for re-sale, souvenirs, wedding favours and club or corporate gifts.

Artwork services are also available.  Despite never having either attended art college or studied graphic design, Michael is completely self-taught in drawing up the most complex of crests and logos.  A background in technical drawing abilities for drawing tools for the plastics business has helped tremendously...!

Come and Watch Glass Cutting and Glass Engraving

Also situated in The Craft Village, is our workshop.  We are not licensed to invite you inside, nor is there much space to do so!  You are, however, welcome to view through the windows.  Glass cutting and glass engraving are fascinating arts and may be nothing like you envisage.


City of Derry Crystal offers printing on glass in up to 4 colours

Frost colour printed glasses looks just like engraving - great for longer runs.

Other Services

City of Derry Crystal doesn't only offer glass and crystal engraving and cutting.  We have two computer controlled engraving machines for engraving jewelry, cups, trophies, other metals, stainless steel, pewter, resin & plastics.

Product Range

The showroom at The Craft Village has hundreds of samples of glass and crystal and good stocks are held. Shot Glasses, Wine Glasses, the unique range of Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks, Photo-frames - you name it and The City of Derry Crystal probably has it..!

Additionally, ranges of Silver Tankards, Money Clips, Certificate Frames, Keyrings and Compact Mirrors are held in stock, as well as many items in Pewter.  Jewellery, Silver Cups and Medals etc are available to order.

Quality Control

City of Derry Crystal have very strict Quality Control procedures, with Michael's artwork being checked by Kevin - and proofs are available for your own satisfaction.  All products completed by the team, are checked for accuracy by Michael and Kevin.  Unafraid of rejecting products for the smallest blemish, is how such a large range of 'samples' are featured in the shop's display!


The unique range of Rock Tablets are all in stock at City of Derry Crystal

Rock Tablets are hand made and make superb engraving pieces for any occasion.

Quantity Orders & Delivery Time

City of Derry Crystal, in addition to the full time team members, has a part time force in the form of a Glass Engraver and Shop Assistants.  Large orders present no problem to the team, who will also work overtime to complete on time.  The largest order ever undertaken by City of Derry Crystal, was a glass engraving order for over 1000 pieces.  Orders of 100 to 200 pieces are fairly commonplace and, in the event of many large orders being received at once, the team have the back-up services of their suppliers, whose QC is also extremely high.

Standard delivery time is 2 days, with urgent orders often able to be completed within 24 hours.  City of Derry Crystal is fully equipped, with sufficient staff to handle all the order requirements met in its history.

Delivery can be made to any worldwide address, using the services of ParcelForce.

Michael Bond

Michael, when he leaves work, is a taxi driver for Pat, his wife.  Pat was an all-Ireland Dancing Champion in her younger years and is now a teacher and adjudicator of Irish Dancing.  Pat is currently working with The City of Culture for 2013, teaching Ceili Dancing and Hofesh Shechter Company on specially composed contemporary dance.


 At any time of year, you can be sure of a warm welcome at City of Derry Crystal

The Shop in the snow. Inside, a warm welcome is assured at any time of year.